HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Chandler - Alma School Road

5 rating

Alyssa is absolutely the best!! She's so sweet and great at what she does!

1 rating

Oh Well, Kellys gone, Back to the old chopping block, Please, this is my 3 time to your new location , and I still havent been able to get a decent haircut !!! Yes, Sure it looks fine , but is it the Cut Your Customer Asked For ??? Simple, 1/2" maintenance cut, there was a cell call and then the other stylist distracted with conversing with my stylist and the final cut was more like 11/2 inch cut !!! I still left a nice tip but it would of be much better if I would have what I paid for. I'm not there for socializing, this is not a cocktail lounge. While I was there, I saw one of your other customer walk out with a crooked short haircut, I didnt have the heart to tell him !! Step back and look at your cuts from a distance and pay attention to their request. I didnt talk while my haircut was in process so that it wouldn't distract to no avail !! Want great tips, LISTEN !!!

5 rating

Great comfortable place, Great ambiance, However it is the " Great Haircut" I really am looking for and it seems I have found a professional who loves her work !! Thanks Kelly, for really "Listening", applying the "Information" you just asked of your customer, and occasionally confirming your understanding of my request. That makes your profession an Art, instead of a job, your labor, a Passion instead of work and my tips will confirm my approval. SportsClips I commend you and extend my gratitude for finally instilling some class back into this profession. The Customer is your original investment, Your Future Interest is converting "That Customer into Your Client !!!

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